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My Choise About Love - How I Found Her

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How I Found Her


 This paper will be more about how I found her. But I still need to talk a little bit about my opinions.

  We are humans, we have both feelings and brain. So if we say we can love whomever my heart follows to, that is not right. We can control our brain and choose the right person. If we do not do that, even after we start to date the person or marry her/him, we could find another one. So relations that only controlled by our heart would put us into some awkward situations. We need to be careful about that.

  And my second opinion is, not everyone would agree with that, we should find one and only partner and never think of breaking up. If you consider breaking up once, you wil always do. Everytime you have a conflict, you will say ”what if”. And not only you but also your partner will. So to strenght the bonds with our partner, we should relieve her/him, and convince her/him that she/he is the only one and will always be.

  I waited for my whole youth, never had a girlfriend till the right time comes. If I have a girlfriend, I would do to only marry her, not to break up after a while. I liked many girls, there are beatiful girls everywhere. But when I see a pretty girl I always told myself: “No, you can’t have her, she doesn’t meet your expectations, she is just a beatiful girl, so get the hell away from her.” Finally I have one girlfriend. I have known her for a while. I know that she never had a boyfriend, this provides me a limittless relief. I know I will also be the one for her.

  About the reason of I choose her, we decided with my brain. My brain told me:”If you want it forever. You gotta find the right girl. Family, religion, life style, economic and educational background are the keys. Please don’t f* this up.” I followed it and told my parents: ”Hey, dad, mum. You know me, my lifestyle and everything about me. Now I decided to find a girlfriend. Only you guys can help me.” And they started to look around. After a while, boom, they find. She was so pretty, had a great family. And other things also perfectly fit. I said ok and we celebrated it with my brain.

  Not many people does that in our age. This is an interesting way to find someone, but it works. So It doesn’t really matter what they do. We might be different some ways. I care about loyalty and trust very much, I want to be the first and the only one for her. People would say live a little, keep opportunities open. Bu  no, I will go this way I guess.




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