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Yayamam Reflection

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One of the characters whom I admired the most in the play is Kinang, she portrays the role of a mother working as a domestic helper in order, her family to survive the poverty. She worked for a family who has a problem child, whom always blaming her mother due to her father's death. The child was too furious and mean that lots of yaya's were already turning their heads down even the mother offer a bigger salary. But Kinang, who really need work and a bigger salary to escape the poverty that already sinking all our country men. Philippines was already falling from the hands of a money savage people. One of the reasons why Filipinos are not progressing, the reason why the intelligent people goes abroad just to be compensated in a way that our country cannot produce.

The daughter was so evil that even her mother can't control the way she acted, her heart for her mom was too way far to the extent that her treatment became similar to a stranger. But here's Kinang who save the family from a near destruction and wreck. She became the bridged to a better relationship between the daughter and her mom. She's the savior whom the mother was so grateful for she touches not only the heart of he daughter but also hers. But little did Kinang knows, the more she patches the problem of the other family the heavier the heart of her own family became distant to her. The more she stays abroad the more she missed all the important events that her own family celebrated. All her children grew fine without her, without the presence of a mother. Yes, there is this Lourdes whom became their mother-like figure but she is not enough to take good care the children because a mother's care is beyond what the word care is. And that is the most heart-breaking part when the children were fine without a mother beside them and they don't even want Kinang again be a part of what they established a family on their own. They struggle and survive the challenges and some fortuitous events that life gave independently.

And that's the reasons why I truly I admired Kinang, she survived from these worst situations, she didn't gave up even how hard life is. She became a survival of the fittest. She worked hard to patched up things and solve the problem. She was brave enough to fight for what is right and to accept her mistakes. She goes for the win but humbly accepts defeat. Kinang was a perfect example of strength and weakness. There were many reasons for her to give up but she maintained to be strong and well-guarded.


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