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Cirque Du Soleil Case Analysis

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Cirque du Soleil Case Analysis

  1. Cirque du Soleil’s product is a unique idea that involves mixing different types of arts to create one extravagant and entertaining show. They take street performers who have unique skill sets and build a show around their abilities. They incorporate opera singing into the show as well. The performers move seamlessly from one scene to the next and continuously keep the viewers’ attention. The action is nonstop and is full of high-risk stunts to keep the audience in awe. The show is a mixture of acrobats, ballet, opera, and some comedy. Unlike a normal circus, Cirque does not use animals in its show. Rather it uses its performers and utilizes extravagant costumes to portray the story it is trying to tell. Their strategy is to sale a performance unlike you have never seen before and capture the attention from the viewers from the beginning of the show until the very end.
  2. Cirque’s structure and support that it gives its cast is very rare. Cirque allows its performers to have creative involvement and be a part of the process. They create a family environment within the company that is not found in many other organizations. This is vital as many of the high-risk stunts that the performers do requires a lot of trust of each other. Trust that you can only get from people you feel very comfortable around. Cirque values their employees and recognize that they hold a rare skill set that not just anyone can do; therefore, they take care of the employees and provide them with the creative freedom that performers want.
  3. Cirque performances exceed customer expectation in my opinion because the customer is looking for that unique entertainment that can keep their attention for more than a few minutes. With the way technology is today, people get bored fast and need a change to keep their attention. In Cirque, they may do some ballet style rope dancing one minute, some comedy the next, and then some highflying death-defying acrobats to end with. This constant change keeps the attention because you are unsure of what will be coming at you next. Cirque has figured out what the customer is looking for and is willing to put back into the company financially to make sure it can provide. Cirque puts 70% of its earnings back into its future performances so that it can make sure it is always supplying a top-notch performance. Extreme creativity is necessary as not only do you have to keep your customers in awe but also I believe that since they are working with street performers, creativity must be at high level to keep them also engaged and excited about the show that they are performing. If they are not excited, they may struggle getting a crowd into the show.
  4. You would think that trying to sell an opportunity to see some of the world’s best acrobats would be simple, but in reality its hard work. While the skill is there from the performers, the hard part is that Cirque travels and only stays in one place for a little while so they have to sale to those communities that the show they have for them is worth the high prices they charge. They have to charge high ticket prices because they only have a particular show on for a short time so to be able to change shows along with props and costumes and everything else, they have to charge. They put 70% of the profits back into future shows. As Cirque has grown and people have gotten to know their product it has become easier to charge higher prices because the audience knows they are receiving a high quality performance. However, initially they faced the issue of trying to draw a crowd with a relatively unknown act. This did not harm their identity though as the more word spread about the unique experience the show offered the more tickets were sold.
  5. The norms that Cirque hopes to instill in its performers are simple in my opinion. They want to establish the norm of a family atmosphere. They need their performers to be able to trust not only the leadership team but also each other. They want them to feel a sense of security with each other during their performances. They also want the trust with leadership that they can be creative and demonstrate their ideas.  The norm that they have the freedom to be creative and be who they want to be is created by giving them the training facilities to go and fine-tune their craft to be the best at what they do.
  6. When you talk about replacing the founder of something, it is difficult because no one can truly understand 100% what vision the founder fully had. Although Laliberte could start a succession plan with someone of his choosing, I do not believe they will ever find someone with his passion for the business because it was not their creation. With that said, I do believe you can find another great business mind to take his place that would be able to make operations go smoothly. With the right person, Laliberte with time could start training his predecessor and create a respect through the performers before he left the company. If he did it this way, the performers would be more comfortable as they would not go from one “boss” to another overnight.


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