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Analysis of Beowulf vs. Star Wars

Before the English, there were the greatest warrior tribes of all times, the Anglo- Saxons. The Anglo- Saxons were also known as the greatest fighters of any type of nomadic tribe that lived during that time. They were tribes that traveled from place to place killing anything in site. It is almost as if they only goal in life is to kill off anything they went against them. The first people to tell the first story of a great warrior would have to be the Anglo- Saxons. They depict there characters as very strong monsters that could take on any demon or devil.

Inside these tribes was the great tale of the warrior Beowulf. Beowulf was considered to be the greatest warrior from that century. In “Beowulf”, they say that “he had the strength of 30 men in each hand”. These stories were made up by the Vikings as almost a tale to tell near a camp fire after a great raid or pillage. When the warriors would come back from battle they needed some type of entertainment to keep them at bay with their senses.

Although Beowulf might have been a great warrior, usually people do not think that he is the greatest warrior from a story. Beowulf had the strength and the tactics to take down tons and tons of men on his own, but did not have the wisdom of other warrior figures. Beowulf was mainly strength and toughness, and sometimes a warrior needs to have some type of knowledge to ever be able to fight. A great example to Beowulf would be Luke Skywalker. Luke is in a story that is not the same type of story but, has the same concept. The only main difference would have to be the setting and the type of movie. Beowulf is a warrior that is considered super human and doesn’t really belong anywhere, because he is not truly considered a part of a city. Luke Skywalker can compare to this because, he is a pilot who is lost in between a huge war and has to be the hero.

In the poem, Beowulf is depicted as a very proud and arrogant fighter. He tells everyone how good and great he is, and how no one has ever beaten him. He is not liked by people, but at the same time he is not hated either. In Beowulf, it seems as though he is just the used, he is just the legend with glory, but no place in the world. In the poem he describes his fights after he returns, and he tells the people how great and how well he fought. In “Beowulf” he states,

Then my moment came in the combat and I struck

The dwellers in that den. Next thing the damascened

Sword blade melted; it bloated and it burned

In the rushing blood. I have wrested the hilt

Done to the danes; (1665-1670)

In this quote from the story he is telling every detail from the battle with the Hell- damn. When Beowulf talks about all his tails and stories he tells them as if he is always the winner. Although Beowulf is usually always the winner, in the times that he has lost, he can not admit defeat. Again in “Beowulf” he says

When the going was heavy in those high waves’

I was the strongest swimmer of all.

We’d been children together and we grew up

Daring ourselves to outdo each other; (533- 536)

Beowulf goes on to tell how he only lost the swimming race because he had to kill the rest of the sea beasts.

The description of Beowulf may differ much from Luke, but their overall concept is the one that sticks out the most. Luke is the non bragging type, who doesn’t know much about the force and is eager to learn, while Beowulf is the master knowing everything there is to know about battle.

Beowulf doesn’t just only relate to Luke, but relates to the whole story of Star Wars. A great example would be Darth Vader. Darth Vader is related to Grendel because he is a humanistic character, but is also considered an other. Grendel is considered a demon and is self centered, just as Darth Vader is destined to be that strongest Sith of all times. In “Star Wars: A New Hope” they say that “Darth Vader is mostly machine now more than human”

The story behind Beowulf is almost covered up in the poem. The true society of Beowulf is described as the city of Heroet. The city is depicted as the place where the normal human beings live and the royal families. Beowulf does not live in Heroet because he is an other. Grendel and all other evil can not live in Heroet as well because of the evilness and also because they don’t fit in, or mesh with the modern society. Just as in Star Wars, Darth Vader and the Emperor are both exiled from the rest of the world to keep the Empire running. Darth and the Emperor are both exiled because of their evilness, and because they chose to be. Beowulf and the rest of the others are exiled not because they choose to, but because the modern society has rejected them.

As said in “Bloom’s Modern Critical Interpretations of Beowulf” (91-121), that in the modern Anglo- Saxons time, most of the tribes were nomadic, meaning they did not stay in one spot for very long. The Anglo- Saxons moved all over the continents. They even at one point controlled part of England. When they first arrived in England, they were all pagans. In England, Christianity had taken over the main religious point of view. The Christians were trying to imprint there religion into anything that could breath. Beowulf has some religious input from the Christians. In some lines they will speak about god, but the god will be upper case. The Christian monks made these letters upper case to show that God was a person, and not many people. Beowulf was passes through Christianity only because the Anglo- Saxons did not have a written language, but the English did, and that is why the book was translated by many different people and it is written in English.

The society in Star Wars is much different from that of Beowulf because there are many different classes of people. There are people who are rich and there are people who are very poor, like the slaves on Tattione, and the royalty from Aldaran. In the whole galaxy, they all believed that the Empire was bad, but there was no way of fighting against it unless you were part of the rebellion. The rebellion was a large group of people who fought against the Empire, but were always on the run. In the movie, these people are considered the good guys, while the Empire is the bad. The Empire is also on the dark side of thee force, while the rebels are on the light side, or the good side. In Star Wars most people from society do not interact with each other. Another great difference between Beowulf and Star Wars is that there are no set religions. People all around the galaxy believe in what ever they feel.

Beowulf’s character is portrayed as the self centered hero that always saves the day, while Luke is the Hero that is loved by all, except for his enemies. Luke is a great ally to the rebels for the rise against the rebellion. In “Star Wars: A New Hope” when the battle of Yavin occurs, Luke fights against the Evil and destroys the Death Star using the force. In Beowulf, he fights the dragon at the end and destroys himself and it for the good of mankind. These two battles both relate to the society. It is always the society that benefits from the hero saving the day. Beowulf is destroyed, just as Luke finds a new enemy.

From Beowulf to Star Wars, there is one universal truth behind these books. The moral of both stories is that the society is the evil. There is no one that is good and bad, there is only evil. At the end of Beowulf, he destroys the dragon, and at the end of Star Wars Luke destroys the Death Star. These situations both destroy the evil that once was. In Beowulf, as soon as the dragon is destroyed, the society starts to fight each other. At he end of star wars, the death star is destroyed, and then they start to fight again immediately after it. This proves that even though there is no evil around to cause problems, the is still fighting, which only means that everyone is evil.

In the end of the poem a messenger states,

So this bad blood between us and the Swedes

This vicious feud, I am convinced

Is bound to revive, they will cross our borders

And attack in force when they find out

That Beowulf is dead (2999- 3002)

The moral behind these stories is that the ultimate evil is not the ones we imagined them as, but the ones we see everyday.

The true evil in the world, are ones who fight everyday over the sane thing, when the conflict could be solved easily. When Beowulf destroys the dragon at the end, he was supposedly killing the cosmic devil, or the modern devil.

At the begging Beowulf was considered the greatest warrior of all times. He still is, but he is not the smartest and the most wise warrior there ever was. If Beowulf and Luke Skywalker could combine into one super human, they would be the greatest ever. They could destroy even the devil himself. At of all the Characters in Star Wars the greatest relation between Beowulf and the movie, would have to Darth Vader and Grendel.

One of the greatest similarities between Beowulf and Star Wars is the plot behind the story. In Beowulf the plot behind the story is how this great warrior became to be and how he challenges these great monsters. In Star Wars, the plot is somewhat similar, except that Luke is not as well developed as a warrior, but learning the ways. Although Luke maybe a learner and Beowulf may be a skilled killer, they both represent the same thing, the last hope for man kind. Luke is considered to last hope because he is the last Jedi left to destroy the sith. In Beowulf, he is the last great hero that can defend the world from all the evil.

One thing that is clearly shown in both Beowulf and Star Wars, is than at the end of both, the fighting continues. Even after Beowulf destroys the hell damn, grendel, and the dragon, fighting continues between tribes. Just as in Beowulf, Star Wars continues on in the second movie with the fight. It seems that even when all evil is gone, the evil still continues through the world.